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It gives me such joy to share my books with you. Dr Zizz is all about bringing positivity into the world, starting with our kids. Out of my work as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice with teens, children and parents, I write inspiring stories that help young people grab their good in life.

In May 2021 I will be bringing out my latest greatest offering, a picture book for adults – and for the child in you! The perfect comfort companion for These Uncertain Times:

Bits in a Basket

Co-authored with the eminent Reverend Two Crows Flying, Medicine Woman! And illustrated by the inimitable Anya Kotzuba, Stargazer of note!

Why should the children have all the fun?? Bits in a Basket is a medicine book for those days when we fall apart, and are most fully human. It’s about how to pull yourself towards yourself. How to accept all of you. How to thrive from disintegration. And survive wholeness. You may even discover a key or two to Life… 

Sisters, can you help me? 🙏  

A collaborative text created by a Shaman, a Scribe, a Stargazer and a Self-medicating Hobbit.

I have a feeling those sisters will rise to the occasion…

Buy your copy today:

And in August 2019 I brought out:

I Can Fly

The Inspiring Story of the Zip Zap Children’s Circus

Written by a Clinical Psychologist and illustrated by Ayanda Nombelwu, one of the talented Zip Zap kids, I Can Fly is the true story of how a circus school in Cape Town saved the lives of thousands of children. It carries a message of hope, personal empowerment and joy. An uplifting read-aloud picture book for children ages 0-100, with a special colouring-in page for the young at heart. Showcases gorgeous illustrations with lots of tiny Where’s Wally-like detail to explore and discuss. Teach your children that they are magic.

Lucky learns to fly. But is he really lucky? Or do we make our own luck? Dare to dream! It will come true. And you will find your circus too.

Purchase a book at the link below to inspire your kids, your friends’ kids, and yourself!

By getting your copy of I CAN FLY, you will be growing Zip Zap’s outreach and youth programmes. At a very reasonable R180 excluding postage. Deliver it straight to the door of a child you love 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

Dr Zizz

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