Help crowdfund I CAN FLY, the first children’s book to come out of #ZipZapCircus!



It’s almost LIVE! Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is hurtling its way through cyberspace towards you (without a trapeze), hoping to catch your attention with its flashy tights so you will support us with a donation within your means! There are many super rewards for you in doing so: from limited edition Zip Zap diaries and social media mentions to signed copies of the book.

Donating is quick, easy and fun. Your contribution will help cover our printing costs so that we can bring out 1000 copies of this beautiful read-aloud picture book for kids, with its true story and inspiring message of hope. Ultimately, half of the proceeds from sales will go to Zip Zap, so they can continue doing their amazing work of saving children’s lives through social circus skills.

It’s a 30-day campaign in November! So sign up now to receive notification when it launches:

You can also watch some movies about our project and Zip Zap at this link.

We will have 30 days in which to raise $5 000 (about R70 000). That’s not a lot of money for making so many dreams come true!

We appreciate every ounce of help.


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