About to FLY! Come join us!

Our crowdfunding campaign officially kicks off on 1 November so sign up here to receive updates about your chance to share in the dream. We have been having such fun creating the book! I CAN FLY is a heartfelt story of hope, longing and perseverance – for all of us, as well as the lead character, Lucky.

Zip Zap Circus is such an inspiring place – they’d hate to be called an institution – they’re a place of fun, as my son would say, when wanting to give somewhere the highest compliment. A place where kids from everywhere and nowhere learn circus skills for free. But what they’re really learning about is home, and love, and trust.

That is so important for our country, and the world at large.

It’s at Zip Zap that Lucky finds his True Self. From the outside, he looks like he’s down-and-out, but inside he’s a Superstar. And what’s the key to his success? Not luck, surely, because clearly he was born into some very bad luck.

It’s his attitude.

Just believe and don’t let go

And you will join this circus show!

It’s something I tell myself regularly. Lucky has taught me that. This book was born out of an idea, and a lot of holding on. Then anything becomes possible. And you find the adventure has already begun. So enjoy the ride 🙂

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