We’re flying! Throughout November! Come join us! #crowdfunding for children @zipzapcircus


It’s so wonderful to have our crowdfunding campaign up and running throughout November! Help us bring this inspiring children’s book into your homes. You’ll be supporting Zip Zap Circus, a marvellous initiative in Cape Town that teaches children from all backgrounds circus skills FOR FREE – thereby saving lives and instilling hope, trust and love.

I CAN FLY was written by a Clinical Psychologist and illustrated by one of the talented young circus kids. It will teach your children that they are magic too! You don’t need to be a trapeze artist to access your inner power 🙂

You can pledge here

Your contribution, big or small, covers our printing costs.

50th contributor and biggest spender both win unique prizes! Every contribution gets a perk or reward.

And did you know, the amount you contribute is a tax write-off? It’s win-win. Or is that win-win-win-win-win? The benefits for future generations go on endlessly. Your pledge is an outgoing ripple in a very large pond.

Can’t contribute right now? Just share this post as widely as you can!

Thank you so much –





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