Campaign Update #2: New perks for you!

ZZ I CAN FLY - Facebook Cover.jpg

Dear Movers and Shakers, High Flyers, Big Dreamers, Catchers and generally wonderful Circus Supporters

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened.

You loved the 2019 Zip Zap diaries, so we’re offering 5 more.

You wanted copies of the I CAN FLY book to take home for an affordable donation, so we’re offering 10 of those for a pledge of $40 or R560 each. It’s our new featured perk!

You’re keen on a personal Zip Zap Academy tour in Cape Town, meeting the kids and having a laugh – and you’re prepared to pay R700 ($50) for that, so we’ve adjusted the pledge.

And then we decided to bring the price of the family circus tickets right down, so you benefit – see a wonderful Zip Zap show in the holidays next year, all 4 of you can attend for just R280 ($20) plus we’ll mention your name at the start of the show, thanking you for supporting I CAN FLY!

So upgrade your perk, perhaps grabbing a diary, a children’s book or circus tickets as presents for friends… Christmas is around the corner.

And look out for a secret perk that will be coming up mid-campaign!

Please do mail us more suggestions at, your input makes it rock.

Best wishes from the dome,






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