Campaign Update #3: We’re midway and we are going to print!

I can fly 7 rough draft-1.jpg

Dear friends

You are amazing. Thanks to your backing and sharing, we’ve got the printing costs raised so I CAN FLY will definitely be taking off in February next year! Well done!

We’re at 33%!

Now we’re trying to raise the funds to pay our artist, Ayanda Nombelwu, for his first professional commission (22 drawings for our book) and to compensate Chip Snaddon, who’s been adding colour and doing the typesetting. Both artists have worked on this project for over a year, and I want to reward them – especially because they don’t have any expectations.

Paying Ayanda at this point means he can potentially buy a Wacom tablet so he can add colour to his own drawings electronically… or, he might want to use the money to further his education as an artist.

Please pledge to support them today.

It seems the most effective route to getting backers is to actually ask people in person if they’d also pledge to our campaign, like you. To this end, we’ve created a special reward for our promoters – so far Albert van Niekerk and Tiara Walters are in the lead for this perk!

If you share vociferously on Facebook and Twitter it will be noted 🙂

So press the share button below!

All our perks are still in place: copies of I CAN FLY, limited release Zip Zap Diaries for 2019, family circus tickets, and a chance to get your name or your company’s name in our book!

And psssssst! As a mid-campaign treat, here’s our Secret Perk: Get an exclusive item! Secret perks are only visible to people with this special URL:

Take a look! Clue: “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser!”


With best wishes from the dome,

Dr Zizz





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