Update # 6: Our campaign reached 101%!

Lucky_muscleDear friends

I wanted to give the final update on our campaign a week ago, but to be honest I’ve been in shock.

Some of you may know why…

On the very last day of the campaign, when we were at 40%, a miracle happened. (Yes, I do believe in those.)

A very special backer quietly slipped in and pushed the campaign to 101% overnight… resulting in great gasping sobs of joy from me. I think the last time I expressed elation like that was the day I heard I was pregnant. Not the day I gave birth? Nope. That day I was “literally” (as my son age 7 likes to say) speechless.

This campaign is all about children. And you have supported us because you care. You confirmed for me that there is good in the world. So in honour of you my next book for young people, this time for teenagers, will be called GOOD. I’ll be writing that in 2019.

I know that many of you have experienced that life is rough and we’re lucky we’re tough. We have overshot our campaign goal. Life is still tough, but now we are BUFF.

You are the wind beneath our wings.

Please send this good news post out into the world by sharing and forwarding. As a result of reaching our goal, the campaign remains OPEN and there are still 5 children’s books to be claimed, 10 sets of family circus tickets, 3 diaries and a fantastic tour of the inspiring Zip Zap dome! Encourage your friends to join you on the joy bus 🙂


And you know what? People are still contributing, still rooting for us. We’re now at 103%. Which means we need to start thinking about how best to channel these additional funds towards nurturing the Zip Zap kids. I’ll keep you posted – it’s going to be good. I think I’ll sign off now because I can feel more sobs of gratitude coming on.

What can I say? Love is the answer and you know that for sure.


From my heart to yours,

Dr Zizz


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