Perks are on their way!


My dear friends

This is just to let you know that your perks are winging their way to you…

For those of you who claimed beautiful Zip Zap diaries, they are being dispatched by post this month or will be hand-delivered. The lucky recipients are: Laurence Esteve, Jana van Niekerk, Raymond Smith, Jane Notten, Gilles Van Cutsem, Charlotte Sevres and Mary Helen Pates.

Those of you receiving circus tickets (5 sets of 4) are: Krystal Kolnick Herrera, Simon Dunckley, Lesley Parolis, Bobbi Faulmann and the inimitable Miranda Wanneburgh (who contributed to our campaign twice)! The show in question will be The Greatest Little Circus Show in April 2019, with details to follow.

Joseph Weeber will be going on a tour of the Academy with Brent van Rensburg as soon as possible.

Backers receiving original artwork by Ayanda are: Carin Bester, Jane Notten, Brian Ganson, Miranda Wannenburgh, Albert van Niekerk, Tiara Walters and Lien Botha. These were either secret perks, lucky numbers or rewards for being such super campaign buddies! Albert van Niekerk, Tiara Walters and Lien Botha are especially commended for spreading news of our campaign far and wide! We thank you!

Copies of I CAN FLY will be distributed to 19 people (you know who you are) as soon as they have been printed in February/March… with our launch party to follow in April. Special kudos go to Deborah Gericke and Albert van Niekerk (again!) who get signed copies, and “Syllk39” who gets his/her name in the cover of our book (when we find out what it is)!

The latter remains a great marketing opportunity and as our campaign remains open, you can still claim this perk for your company this month and next… just go to the original campaign page:

and select “The Catcher” to catch some wonderful, widespread publicity. The book with your name in it will journey across the world.

Many thanks also to all the backers we Tweeted and posted on Facebook about…

Not to mention our star backer, Roelof Botha, who pushed the campaign to its goal on the last day, and who doesn’t want any acclaim or perks for it… we may have to offer some of that anyway!

You have helped more children than it is possible to calculate.

Together we are making this incredible dream come true – because we dared!


and much love from Dr Zizz and all of us at the dome đŸ™‚

PS Please feel free to mail me with any questions pertaining to your perks (or just to say hi):

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