And now…for something completely not the same!

And now… Dr Zizz πŸŽͺ brings you a picture book for adults! Why should the children have all the fun?? Sisters (and Oh Brother), this book is for you. It’s Medicine. Each page imbued with our love, tears, blood and saliva. Drink it in and be healed.

Bits in a Basket is about those days when we fall apart, and are most fully human. It’s about how to pull yourself towards yourself. How to accept all of you. How to thrive from disintegration. And survive wholeness. You may even discover a key or two to Life…

Sisters, can you help me? πŸ™

A collaborative text created by a Shaman, a Plagiarist, a Stargazer and a Self-medicating Hobbit. Perfect for Our Times.

By Rev Tass Two Crows Flying, Medicine Woman. As told to and curated by Dr Zizz. Illustrations dreamed by Anya Kotzuba. Layout, typesetting and design by Chip Snaddon. Published by Handmade Life Β© 2021

Cover reveal up next…

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