A return to reverence for Nature

We are delighted to tell you about our latest book offering coming May 2021, based on Eco-psychology principles and written especially to support you in these uncertain times.

What is Eco-psychology?

This is a simple and sense-filled take that says we are of the earth and part of nature, she is our mother – so when we take care of ourselves, we take care of her. And the other way around!

Bits in a Basket is a medicine book for our times, by which we mean its message and visuals heal people by espousing a return to reverence: for the earth, and in humility and by extension, for ourselves.

We are all children at heart, in the best sense of the word, and therefore Bits in a Basket is a picture book for adults!

It addresses that difficult territory when we fall apart, are disconnected from ourselves, and engaging in self-criticism. It teaches a radical act of acceptance and shows us the way forward to synthesis: through love, nature, and our fellow human beings.

May you be blessed and may our book enrich your life! And so it is!

By Rev Tass Two Crows Flying, as told to and curated by Dr Zizz, with illustrations dreamed by Anya Kotzuba. Handmade Life © 2021

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