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Heal yourself, heal the earth! Every time you love yourself, you love the planet. Every time you love the planet, by extension and in humility you are loving yourself – Dr Zizz

Dear Friends and Patrons

As a psychologist with a cause, I’m writing to ask for your help in publishing a very special heart project, namely an Eco-psychology picture book for adults (including teens + young adults) which we regard as medicine for these times.

What is Eco-psychology?

This is a simple and sense-filled take that says we are of the earth and part of nature, she is our mother – so when we take care of ourselves, we take care of her. And the other way around!

Bits in a Basket is a healing book, by which we mean its message and visuals help people by inspiring a return to reverence: for the earth, and in humility and by extension, for ourselves.

We are all children at heart, in the best sense of the word, and therefore Bits in a Basket is for us all! It addresses that difficult territory when we fall apart, are disconnected from ourselves, and engage in self-criticism – we all end up there at one point or another. It teaches a radical act of acceptance and shows us the way forward to synthesis: through love, nature, and our fellow human beings.

Our special book is by Rev Tass Two Crows Flying, Medicine Woman. As told to and curated by Dr Zizz. Illustrations dreamed by Anya Kotzuba. Layout, typesetting and design by Chip Snaddon. Published by Handmade Life © 2021

We are contacting specific individuals and companies whose ethos fits the project, to ask whether you would be willing and able to contribute to the printing costs of our book in March. In return you will receive a signed copy of the book, and the option exists to have your company’s name and website in the front of the book, if you so wish. We have a very reasonable quote, and are looking for 5 or 10 patrons who can contribute R2 500 – R5 000 each. On the other hand, any amount helps! Some people prefer to offer a service or a voucher from their business as a perk towards the campaign instead. This is also most welcome.

Bits in a Basket is the follow-up book to I Can Fly, which we successfully crowdfunded to bring out in 2019 in collaboration with Zip Zap children’s circus. We specialize in books for young people with a social and environmental conscience, and an uplifting message.

If you can help, kindly email me at shamballahplaytherapy@gmail.com

Please also PASS IT ON 🙂 to people and businesses you think may want to be a part of something meaningful like this. Contacts world-wide are great, because we are in South Africa and the exchange rate benefits us.

Our deep gratitude in advance – may you be blessed and may our book enrich your life!

And so it is,

Dr Zizz (Clinical Psychologist + Publisher)

Rev Tass Two Crows Flying (Medicine Woman + Author)

Anya Kotzuba (Astrologer + Artist)

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