Campaign update! Bits in a Basket!

Thanks to your generosity we are halfway there to being able to print 750 copies of our very special picture book for adults! This unique product teaches eco-psychology principles and addresses women’s issues: save yourself, save the planet. The book was collaboratively produced by a Clinical Psychologist (Dr Zizz) and a Shamanic Practitioner (Rev Tass Two Crows Flying) and is intended to spread Good in the world, particularly in the direction of young people in these difficult  times. It was illustrated in beautiful full colour by an Astrologer (Anya Kotzuba) with layout, typesetting and design by a talented Cartoonist (Chip Snaddon). You can see some visuals and read all about it here:

Support Handmade Life (

Every pledge large or small gets a perk, gift or prize and we rave about you on Facebook and Twitter. For our more limelight-shy donors, please email us for bank details:

By scrolling through Facebook you can see all the lovely perks and goodies coming your way here.

Of course every campaign needs a Hero. Should you make a sizable pledge, we pop your name (or your company’s) in the front of our book as an eco-warrior. Please be so kind as to forward this email to friends and businesses whom you think might share our ethos and might like to avail themselves of this as a marketing and social conscience opportunity.

Campaign runs throughout March 2021.

Onwards and upwards! 

With our wholehearted gratitude in advance,

Jana, Tass, Anya & Chip

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